A Project by IÖW and TU Berlin

How are internet forums used to develop innovations for a socio-ecological transformation? The Institute for Ecological Economy Research (IÖW) and the Technische Universität (TU) Berlin are investigating how like-minded people create sustainable solutions together in their spare time. The project explores novel measurement methods and developing instruments to better understand the dynamics and potential of these activities.

This website documents the Peer Innovation project (2019-2022) and will no longer be updated. Status: January 2024

The PRoject

The aim of the project is to highlight the importance of peer innovation as a form of innovation for societal change towards greater sustainability and to provide tools to better understand the emergence, dynamics and potential of these activities.

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sustainable change

A social-ecological transformation requires needs-oriented technologies, which are developed and disseminated by interested communities in the various fields of action.

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Measuring Peer Innovation

How can significant innovation activities within peer networks be identified and accurately mapped? So far, such innovation processes are not recorded in official statistics.

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On this page you will find  publications of the project.

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