How innovative are peer communities? Approaches to the empirical assessment of peer innovation

14. January 2022 | 09.30 a.m.– 4 p.m. | Online Expert-Workshop


The virtual expert workshop will bring together innovation researchers for an exchange of ideas regarding the nature of peer innovation, with a focus on the methods of its empirical measurement. The approach developed by researchers at IÖW and TU Berlin in the PeerInnovation project which measures innovation activities in peer communities will be put up for discussion. Bringing together relevant scholars in this field, we hope to further our collective knowledge in measuring peer innovation for better and more sustainable future applications.


PeerInnovation Workshop Agenda
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Discussion Paper PeerInnovation Workshop
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PeerInnovation Workshop Presentation Jan Peuckert
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At the 13th International Sustainability Transitions Conference "Sustainability Transitions in Global Context", 21-25 November 2022, Florian Kern presented the results of our case studies in the conference paper "Assessing peer innovation: three case studies of how peer communities contribute to socio-technical change".

Eu-SPRI 2022

At the Eu-SPRI Conference "Challenging Science and Innovation Policy" in Utrecht from 1 to 3 June 2022, Florian Kern presented the results of our case studies under the title "Assessing how peer communities contribute to socio-technical change".


At the 12th International Sustainability Transitions Conference (IST2021) , which took place from 5 to 8 September 2021, Jan Peuckert presented the indicator approach from the PeerInnovation project in the paper "Measuring the contribution of peer communities to technological innovation system functions: a novel indicator approach".


Presentation Jan Peuckert IST2021
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In June 2021, Jakob Pohlisch and Philipp Heß presented at the Open and User Innovation Conference 2021. Jakob‘s contribution, which was titled „Measuring Household Sector Innovation in Online Communities“, discussed a typology of indicators for peer innovation based on a review of literature on open und user innovation.


Philipp’s presentation with the title „Patterns of Peer Innovation: A mixed-method approach to investigating sustainable household sector innovation in collaborative online communities“ showed first empirical project results. Focus lay on the integration and interpretation of both qualitative results from interviews, and first quantitative results from network analyses based on data from the online fora of the OpenStreetMap, OpenEnergyMonitor, and Precious Plastic communities.

Presentation Philipp Heß OUI2021
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Jan Peukert gave a talk at the conference on 19 August 2020 on „Peer Innovation: Conceptualising and assessing the role of peer networks for sustainable innovation“


More information about the conference

Presentation Jan Peuckert IST2020
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ISPIM Innovation Conference

On June 8 2020 Jakob Pohlisch presented first findings of the PeerInnovation project at the 31st ISPIM Innovation Conference. The focus was on the role of decentralised and locally produced peer innovations for overcoming bottlenecks through COVID-19.

How collaborative online networks develop solutions in times of Covid-19
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