measuring peer innovation

How can innovation activities within peer networks be identified and accurately mapped? So far, innovation activities outside the market are not accounted for in official statistics. The project tracks the online communication of peer communities that create sustainable solutions in the fields of energy, mobility and urban development. The aim is to find key figures that can serve as indicators to describe these innovation processes.

mapping of peer networks

The mapping will initially be used to identify important projects, actors and interaction platforms in the three fields of action sustainable energy, sustainable mobility and sustainable urban development.
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reflexive evaluation

The procedures developed and tested in the case studies are subjected to a critical evaluation by experts. Independent developers, platform operators, researchers from the fields of innovation and statistics will be invited to compare the results of the studies with their experience.
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netnographic analyses

The aim of the work package is to develop generalizable measurement methods to capture online-based innovations in the household sector. Different instruments of innovation research will be investigated and evaluated in this context.
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