sustainable change

sustainable energy

Energy production is the main cause of anthropogenic climate change. In particular, the use of fossil fuels causes enormous greenhouse gas emissions. The transformation of the energy system is therefore one of the central challenges of the transition towards sustainability. Reducing energy consumption and the transforming energy supply are urgently needed to stop climate change. Due to the strong dependence of our lifestyles on energy, a reconfiguration of the energy system can only succeed if the effects of socio-technical change are sufficiently taken into account and systemic resistance is overcome through the broad participation of many social actors. Peer innovations can make an important contribution, for example, in the field of smart measurement and control of electricity consumption, in the development of energy-saving products or decentralised generation and use of renewable energies.



OpenEnergyMonitor: poc21 [CC BY-SA 2.0]

Wood gasification furnace: Open Source Ecology (Aron /