sustainable change

sustainable mobility

Transport causes considerable pollution of the environment and risks to human health. Conventional motor vehicles emit pollutants and pollute the air, water and soil. Yet mobility is an important prerequisite for economic and social development. To limit environmental pollution, more environmentally friendly mobility options must be developed. The term "Verkehrswende" refers to the transformation of the transport system necessary to achieve this. This involves not only the development of new transportation technologies, but above all a different mobility behaviour, intermodal links and new control and usage concepts. Peer innovations may play an important role, for example, for individual mobility planning, the shared use of vehicles or the development of sustainable means of transport such as cargo bikes or electric vehicles.


Cargo bike: André Frieboese [CC-BY-SA 2.0]

Gutau-map and hiking display: Holger Schöner [CC-BY-SA 2.0]

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