sustainable Change

urban development

In the course of rapid urbanisation, both the transition potentials and challenges are increasingly concentrated in cities. The problems cities are facing are as diverse as their inhabitants. Since sustainability must be implemented at the local level, an essential prerequisite for designing sustainable cities is that their inhabitants participate in it. Peer platforms for collaborative knowledge production can play a key role in this. Peer communities offer the opportunity to develop common visions and innovative solutions for sustainable urban coexistence. Examples are circularity-oriented construction and sustainable housing, sustainable urban infrastructure and tourism, or closing local material loops through urban production, re- and upcycling and the promotion of a repair culture.



Speaker at the Cowerk conference "Die transformative Kraft der Maker": Foto: Christian Mang/IÖWRaster von OpenStructures: Mistipolis [CC BY-SA (]

OpenDesk blueprint: Yandle [CC BY-SA (]